Custom Guitar Pedals
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1. Exclusive sound.
2. 9v powered.
3. Completelly analogic.
4. True Bypass.
5. Usual power and stereo cable power.
6. Dimensions: 110x60x37mm.
7. Cost: 200€ with 3 test hours.
8. Stereo Patch cable HIGHFLEX: 10€

* Travel expenses (cost of gasoline and tolls only) will be charged in necessary cases.

1. The customer contact us and arrange a meeting at home, studio, etc.
2. We move with our benchwork to the place where customer wants. Cost: by distance when needed.
3. We test for about 3 hours until the cistomer defines his sound. Cost: 30€.
4. All test parameters are collected to design a pedal with customer sound...
5. If the customer contract manufacturing, custom pedal is built. Cost: 170€.
Distortion effect made for a customer. Classic heavy metal sound, Van Halen style, with harmonic richness and "brown" color.
CUSTOM Distortion
"Create a song is like giving way to a feeling!"
Guitar Pedals
Eric Clapton.
Inaid Fx
Actually, the most usual thing in the market is ot use paedals made in series witch ae all the same, or to use "boutique" pedals that although in theory have better quality and are usually handmade, no longer "generic".

In both cases, the customer purchases a product that may sound better or worse with its set of guitar-amplifier due to it's not designed specifically for him.

At this point is where Inaid Engineering opens a new door to the musicians and builds pedals made specifically for a client, a guitar and an amplifier, in short: an exclusive sound .

Moreover, the line of Inaid FX pedals, can be connected together with stereo cables, allowing a to power the rest of the pedals from a single one, avoiding the need of more cables.

A little improvisation with the distortion of a customer.
*All effects have been recorded without any additional effect to hear the sound as cleaar as possible.
Small variations of sound for another customer based on our development too. More "rock" style sound in this case.
Mix of DISTORTION CUSTOM + DELAY STANDARD and backtrack. Without any effect added to the mix.
Tailored sound
And how do we do this? as summarizing much, we have developed a platform that allows us to use different cofigurations, designs, parameters, etc ... and adjust everything "at client home" and "with the customer" to reach a "personal sound" . Once defined the sound, a small dimensions pedal with this sound is produced.

Improvisation over "jump" backtrack with DISTORTION CUSTOM + DELAY STANDARD pedals designed for a customer. No effect added to the mix.