Standard Pedals
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1. Standard pedalsd.
2. 9v powered.
3. Some analogic and others digitals.
4. True Bypass.
5. Usual power and stereo cable power.
6. Dimensions: 110x60x37mm.
7. Cost:Distortion 145 €. Others 100 € .
8. Stereo patch cable HIGHFLEX: 10€
Effect that can be used to raise the volume in the solos with the option to give more "punch" to the sound with the TONE and AIR buttons. Also, forcing the GAIN, we get a slight distortion for more bluesy sounds for example.

Analog and True Bypass.
Effect widely used by guitarists like Jimi Hendrix or Eddie Van Halen with SPEED, AIR TONE and buttons to control the tone and VOL for master volume.

Analog and True Bypass.
An analog Delay with excellent sound and tone control (TONE / AIR) to play in case we want a little more control and overall volume VOL.

Analog and True Bypass.
Effect to increase the volume in the solos without changing the tone rising the VOL and maintaining the GAIN or to add a little force increasing the GAIN and lowering the VOL.

Analog and True Bypass.
Two types of reverb which complete your sound if you don't have or you do not like your amp reverb.

Digital and True Bypass.
To complement the CUSTOM overdrive and distortion line, we have a range that we call STANDARD, which consists of high-quality effects as Distortion, Phaser, Delay, Reverb, Boost, Volume ... among others.

The entire range of Inaid FX pedals have the possibility to power them by stereo "patch" cables, which adds a plus when choosing our pedals and combine them together.

The patch cables are also manufactured here to ensure the best quality.

A widely used effect that enriches and gives more "body". SPEED and VOL controls.

Digital and True Bypass.
Pedal chain connected with stereo patch cables with power and signal.
Without effect -- volume + low GAIN -- volume + much GAIN

No effect -- volume + little GAIN -- volume + much GAIN

From rock to classic heavy sound effect with rich harmonics and "brown" color. TONE and AIR contorls to adjust the teaste as you want.
Serial sound
*All effects have been recorded without any additional effect to hear the sound as cleaar as possible.
High GAIN for heavy sounds.
Low GAIN for moder bluesy sound.
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Distortion I
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